Smart We Rise, Fatuous We Fall!

স্মার্ট হলে জয়, না হলেই ক্ষয়!

Smart Women Smart Bangladesh Foundation (SWSBF) | স্মার্ট নারী স্মার্ট বাংলাদেশ ফাউন্ডেশন is a new generation multi-modal, pragmatic, purpose-based and result-oriented initiative primarily focused on empowering Bangladeshi women to discover their latent potentials in the area of technology utilization, capacity building, entrepreneurship development, agricultural solutions, cognitive ability and financial independence.
Smartness is the quality of being aware, intelligent, critical thinker, innovative, pragmatic, adaptive, responsive, analyzing and reviewing performance, maintaining hygiene, and neatly dressed. It can also refer to emotional intelligence, social skills, and practical wisdom. Different cultures, societies, disciplines and value-chains may have varying definitions of smartness, but overall, it often reflects an individual’s capacity to adapt to new situations, learn from experience, and make sound decisions.
Who is a smart woman? A woman having the characteristics mentioned above is a true smart-personality. A smart woman must be self-aware, multitasker, articulative, resourceful and tech-savvy.
On the other hand, Smart Bangladesh is an initiative led by the Government of Bangladesh aiming to transform Bangladesh into a technologically advanced and sustainable society. In 2022, the government of Bangladesh explicitly stated its vision of becoming a “Smart Bangladesh” and becoming a developed country by the year 2041.
“Smart”, in smart Bangladesh concept, refers to the use of advanced technologies, such as the internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (ai), blockchain, big data, robotics, nanotechnology, drone technology, 3D printing and other cutting-edge technologies to improve citizen services.
The “Smart Bangladesh” ecosystem will be functioning on four key pillars – “Smart Citizen”, “Smart Government”, “Smart Society” and “Smart Economy”. 
For achieving the goals as depicted in Vision 2041 declaration and building a sustainable Smart Bangladesh effectively, we, the citizens of Bangladesh, especially Bangladeshi women, need to be aligned with the goals, think critically, be proactive and technology-based smart worker.
In order to harness the power of women and Smart Bangladesh initiative seamlessly, we, at Smart Women Smart Bangladesh Foundation (SWSBF), are ever vigilant and dedicated to achieve the “Smart Bangladesh” goals by empowering Bangladeshi women to transform them into smart “human-capital” and function as a complementary power with other stakeholders.
Be with us! Let’s work and achieve together! Smart we rise, fatuous we fall!
[Written by Chief Process Advisor, SWSBF]