Discrete Activities & Initiatives

We have couple of programs and projects that are under development, and going to be implemented soon.



The following programs and projects are under development and got the maximum priority at this stage.

  • Community Farming
  • Vegetables Booths
  • Wholesale Shop/Arat
  • Agro-Food Processing
  • Start-up Funding
  • Investment Support

Additionally, the following programs and projects are also under development and going to be implemented very soon.

  • Sexual & Reproductive Health Awareness
  • Entrepreneurship Capacity Development
  • Mental Health Counselling
  • Legal Aid and Advocacy
  • Social Business Initiatives
  • Awareness Building On Social Issues
  • Intensive Market & Business Development
  • Promotion & Publications
  • IT and ITES Support
  • SEO & Digital Marketing
  • Copyright, Trademark & IPR Support
  • Training & Development